This week in the garden i saw the first fruits of my labor! my squash has bloomed and the fruit has grown! There are bud on my tomato plants and the peas are starting to twist and turn with one another. Everything is getting to be so big and the pest control is truly working. In addition to the temperatures being lower this week, the pest spray really toned down the insects that were living on my leaves. The weeds are still difficult to cut back but the shade of the plants is slowing their growth thankfully. Each plant will be harvested eventually but the parts of the plants that are used aren’t the same. These are the plants I have in my garden currently and the part of each plant that is used:

Sunburst squash- fruit

Carrots- root

(havent yet planted) Lettuce- leaf

Beats- root

Cauliflower -flower 

Tomato- fruit

Eggplant- fruit

Peas- fruit

Bell peppers- fruit

Sunflower- seeds

Last week, I may have gone too far. I’ll explain it quickly. Basically, I found out where he gets his clothes dry-cleaned. Custom ordered the same suit, made with tear-away velcro. And… you can fill in the rest.

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